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JCET Well Represented at AGU

December 6, 2012 2:03 PM

JCET was well represented at the 2012 Fall AGU Meeting held in San Francisco, December 3 -7. Fifteen (15) JCET faculty members, one (1) JCET Staff member, one (1) GEST faculty member, and four (4) JCET graduate students attended AGU to present posters and participate in the oral sessions.  For additional information, link to JCET at AGU.

JCET faculty attending the 2012 Fall AGU Meeting included Allen Chu, Forrest Hall, Shin-Chan Han, Jay Herman, Fred Huemmrich, Ben Johnson, Jae Lee, Jasper Lewis, Simone Lolli, Bill Olson, Lorraine Remer, Chung-Lin Shie, Chris Shuman, Leonid Yurganov, Hai Zhang and Glenn Wolfe.  Erricos Pavlis, GEST, and Valerie Casasanto, JCET Program Coordinator, also attended.  Many of the posters are available for review using AGU's e-poster search at  Abstracts of the oral presentations are available utilizing AGU's program search at

The following four JCET graduate students presented their work at AGU:

Gergely Dolgos
Thishan Dharshana Karandana Gamalathge
Daniel Orozco
John Sullivan

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