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GES Faculty Visits NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

June 14, 2017 9:34 AM
Dr. Alan Yeakley, Chair of the Geography and Environmental Systems (GES),
and Dr. Suzanne Braunschweig of GES visited the NASA Goddard Space Flight
Center on Friday, May 19, 2017.  The visit was organized by Dr. Ali Tokay. Drs. Lorraine Remer and Fred Huemmrich also attended the 2 hour meeting. 

Dr. Yeakley presented the current core and elective courses in physical
sciences for the GES undergraduate students.  His presentation also
included the possible new topics such as air quality for new courses.  It
was a pleasure to hear that Dr. Yeakley is open for additional affiliation
of JCET faculty who could fulfill the GES course requirements.  

Among other topics, the JCET fellowship and internship were discussed.  A joint
research between JCET and GES faculty could fund graduate students through
JCET fellowship and internship opportunities.  Drs. Huemmrich and Tokay
showed their laboratory and instrument site at the roof, respectively, at
the end of the visit.  This was the inaugural visit from GES faculty.

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