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Jan Cieslak

Faculty Res Asst

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Other, Poznan University of technology (1997)

J. Dominik Cieslak is an experienced engineer that started his career working in the heavy printing industry. He gained his experience by servicing the instrumentation used in process of printing. In 2005 he joined JCET in J. Vanderlei Martins' group. Since then he has lead the design of new ground and airborne instruments that were built and used in many NASA campaigns.

Research Interests

J. Dominik Cieslak uses cutting-edge techniques to build unique instruments that deliver new sets of data that are used by scientist to better understand human impact on climate changes. J.Dominik Cieslak has been involved in many NASA campaigns contributing to the development of the PiNeph Nephelometer, the PACS polarimetric camera, the RPI polarimetric camera and the OiNeph. All of this instrumentation was designed and build by UMBC LACO laboratory group.