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Chung-lin Shie

Associate Reserch Scientist

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Off Campus, Room NASA GSFC
Ph D, Florida State University (1995)
MS, Pennsylvania State University (1985)
BS, National Taiwan University (1977)

Dr. Shie, originally trained as a dynamic meteorologist, is an experienced and versatile research scientist involving in numerous interdisciplinary studies. He has played crucial roles in several projects of diverse interests such as (1) Air-sea interaction; Goddard Satellite-based Surface Turbulent Fluxes (GSSTF) datasets production [as PI in a MEaSUREs project], (2) Cloud modeling (GCE); Radiative-convective system simulations; Latent heating retrieval [as Co-I in NEWS; as Collaborator in TRMM], and (3) Hurricane simulations using WRF; Impact of the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) dust on tropical cyclone and hurricane/typhoon [as PI/Co-I in EOS; as Co-I in NAMMA; as Collaborator in TCSP]. Dr. Shie has served as the Project Scientist of GES DISC since January 2013, providing scientific consultations and advices to the data center and engaging with the GES DISC User Working Group (UWG) aiming to further improve the data distributions and user services. He also serves as an editor of International Journal of Atmospheric Sciences since September 2012. Dr. Shie has mentored numerous post-doctors, and graduate, undergraduate, and high school students on diverse research subjects, particularly during 1996-2006.

Research Interests

Dr. Shie has involved and played crucial roles in several projects of diverse interests. He has studied air-sea interaction, as well as developed a series of successively improved global air-sea surface turbulent fluxes datasets (i.e., from GSSTF2b, GSSTF2c to GSSTF3), derived from improved remote sensing data and updated reanalysis data, by using updated algorithms [NASA funded project of MEaSUREs]. Dr. Shie has also investigated the potential influence of SAL dust on intensity of tropical cyclone and hurricane/typhoon using multi-sensors data and modeled simulations (applying the WRF model) [NASA funded projects of EOS; NAMMA; TCSP]. He has also applied the cloud-resolving model (GCE): studying the radiative-convective system (clouds) and its interaction with large-scale environment; producing numerical vertical heating profiles and improving the satellite latent heating profile retrieval [NASA funded projects of NEWS; TRMM]. Dr. Shie, as the project scientist of GES DISC (the data center at Goddard) since January 2013, has recently extended his interests into the “Data Science” field focusing on better understanding characteristics of the massive and heterogeneous Earth Science data, as well as aiming to further (how to) improve the science data distributions and user services.

Teaching Interests

Graduate Courses: Advance Dynamic Meteorology; Atmospheric General Circulation Undergraduate Course: Atmospheric Measurement and Instrumentation Lab Amateur Hobby: Chinese Calligraphy (Art)

Intellectual Contributions

14 vol. 120 6865–6881 J. Geophys. Res. Atmospheres

Greenbelt, MD The August 2014 Highlight for Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Laboratory (Code 612), NASA/GSFC

Ensuring and Improving Information Quality for Earth Science Data and Products – Role of the ESIP Information Quality Cluster Data Science Journal (“SciDataCon 2016” Special Edition)


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