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Ben Johnson's Work With Jonathan Carr (2013 Summer Student)

September 4, 2013 2:34 PM
During his summer internship with Dr. Benjamin Johnson, Jonathan Carr focused on using the V-Python and Matlab modeling programs along with ADDA (which uses discrete dipole approximation or DDA), to model and replicate the process of snowflake riming. This will eventually allow for the implementation of this process in modeling the riming of complex snowflake structures and more accurate radiation scattering experimentation results. By modeling the structures in V-Python using points, the process of riming can be broken down into several stages that when run through the ADDA program, the results can more specifically match the level of riming. ADDA does this through discrete dipole approximation, which measures the scattering of light radiation by particles. Through a combination of the two, researchers can have more control over their resulting data by being able to choose both the structure type and condition.  This new technique will better allow researchers to study the effects of different levels of riming on radiation scattering in our atmosphere.