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Hepplewhite, Christopher

Associate Research Scientist

JCET Research Group: UMBC-based Faculty

GSFC Code: 610.6

Mailing Address:
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250 USA

Phone: (410) 455-3001


Research Interests:

Instrument performance, characterization and deployment. Sensor development, innovation, calibration and data application (mission lifecycle). Meteorology and climate observations and interpretation. Atmospheric processes and interactions.


Dr Hepplewhite has 25 years experience in atmospheric physics and remote sensing. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Reading U.K. under the tutelage of Professors Hoskins and Thorpe in Physics and Meteorology. He was awarded his doctorate at the University of Oxford U.K. at the Department of Physics in Atmospheric Physics in 1989. His research was involved with infra-red remote observation of the sea surface and atmosphere and involved field work from the research vessel of the British Antarctic Survey and the ATSR on ERS-1 and the AVHRR sensors.

Dr. Hepplewhite has been involved with instrumentation including those for the Mars Observer (PMIRR) and Saturn Cassini (CIRS), the Terra MOPITT and most recently the AURA HIRDLS mission.