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Profile Photo for Ali Tokay

Ali Tokay

Res Assoc Prof

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Off Campus, Room C427; Bldg. 33, NASA GSFC
Ph D, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1993)
MS, Saint Louis University (1988)
BS, Istanbul Technical University (1984)

Dr. Tokay is an atmospheric scientist and meteorological engineering by training and conducted numerous filed campaigns under the umbrella of NASA’s precipitation measurement mission. Dr. Tokay published 40+ peer-reviewed journals and served as a anonymous reviewer for more than 20 different journals and NASA, NSF, and DOE proposals. Dr. Tokay was the co-chair of the 34th AMS radar meteorology conference and co-chair of 2016 European conference on radar meteorology and hydrology. He is the chair of AMS radar meteorology committee and is also associate editor of Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology and Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology.

Research Interests

Dr. Tokay focuses on precipitation measurements including microphysics, spatial variability, and measurement accuracy. Dr. Tokay was a principal investigator during a series of field campaigns under NASA Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission. He is a member of NASA Precipitation Science Team.

Teaching Interests

Weather and Climate. This class includes fundamentals of atmospheric processes including radiative transfer, cloud physics, large and meso-scale phenomena, severe weather, and weather forecasting. Dr. Tokay was an advisor of a MS student who graduated in 1998. He also mentored 20+ summer interns and advised 10 international graduate students.