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Profile Photo for Jason St. Clair

Jason St. Clair

Res Asst Prof

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ph D, Harvard University (2007)
MA, Harvard University (2003)
BA, Colby College (2000)

Over the last 15 years, Dr. St. Clair has worked on developing and deploying novel instrumentation for the in situ measurement of trace atmospheric compounds, with science goals ranging from quantification of the convective transport of water into the stratosphere to understanding how biogenic emissions can lead to ozone and aerosol formation.

Research Interests

Research interests broadly include the chemical evolution of reactive compounds in the atmosphere. Specific subjects of interest include (1) high and low NO oxidation of biogenic compounds and their role in the formation of ozone and secondary organic aerosol, (2) the chemical evolution of forest fire plumes, and (3) the use of common oxidative products such as formaldehyde to trace the influence of polluted environments on more remote parts of the atmosphere.