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Jae Nyung Lee

Asst Res Sci

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Ph D, Stony Brook University (2008)
MS, Stony Brook University (1988)
BS, Yonsei University (1984)
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Jae N. Lee is working with on TSIS (Total Solar Irradiance Sensor) due for launch on JPSS Free Flyer in 2017. She is also working on the climate responses to solar forcing in different time scales by integrating satellite measurements and model simulations. She worked at JPL as a NASA postdoc fellow. During her postdoc, she worked on dynamics and transport in the middle atmosphere and variability in cloud and aerosol caused by natural and anthropogenic forcings.

Research Interests

Dr. Lee's research interests include observation of total and spectral solar irradiance, analysis of solar irradiance variability, and its impact on earth’s climate. She uses numerical models of the sun and earth’s atmosphere as well as remote sensing observations to investigate solar activities, climate variability and their interconnections. Besides this, she also find that remote sensing of cloud and aerosol is an important problem to addressing the climate change from both the natural and anthropogenic forcings.


(Author & Presenter) AMS 2018 meeting Oral Presentation Climatology of ENSO variation of OLR as depicted by TOVS, AIRS, CERES, and MERRA-2 AMS Austin, TX

(Author & Presenter) (Author) AGU 2014 Fall Meeting Poster Diurnal, Seasonal and Interannual Variations of Surface Temperature Over Greenland As Observed In AIRS, MODIS and In-Situ Measurements AGU San Francisco, CA