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Roberto Borda

Asst Res Sci

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Ph D, University of Buenos Aires (2001)
MS, University of Buenos Aires (1996)

Dr. Roberto Fernandez Borda is PhD in Physics strongly biased to scientific instrumental design and experimental physics. Since his Master thesis, he was involved in the design of scientific instrumentation like HRXS (part of the payload of SAC-B, Conae Argentina) and HASTA telescope (International agreement between the Max Plank Intitute, Germany and IAFE, Argentina). Dr Borda got an strong background in different instrument design areas like optics, digital electronics, sensors and real time software. He came to United State, as National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow, to work with Dr. Mario H Acuna at GSFC NASA in 2002. In 2006, He became Associated Researcher at JCET-UMBC. Dr Borda, as memeber of the research group of Dr Vanderlei Martins at JCET-UMBC, was involved in many instrumental projects for avionics applications (Cloud Scanner, Rainbow camera, PACS VNIR) and for satellite applications (HARP)and also he was part of many field campaigns (Milagro, Vocals, Podex). Dr. Borda have been awarded due to his perfomance as instrumental designer two times: The first time by the Laborotory of Atmospheres, Climate & Radiation branch, GSFC NASA (2007) and the second time by Climate & Radiation Branch, GSFC NASA (2009).

Research Interests

Passive and active atmospheric remote sensing instrumentation. Polarization. Pattern recognition and automation.