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Profile Photo for Sergio De souza-machad

Sergio De souza-machad

Res Assoc Prof

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Physics, Room 431
Ph D, UMD (1996)
MS, UMD (1990)
BA, College of Wooster (1988)

Having obtained a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics, Dr. DeSouza-Machado joined the Atmospheric Spectroscopy Laboratory at UMBC to work on radiative transfer, spectroscopy, retrievals and climate studies. He has written a state-of-the-art line-by-line code and KCARTA, a clear/cloudy sky radiative transfer code for the (Earth atmosphere) thermal infrared region which is the Reference Forward model for NASA's AIRS instrument. His research interests include dust and volcanic ash detection and retrievals, trace gas, cloud and atmospheric geophysical retrievals, and climate studies of extremes and evolution of probability functions. In addition he performs teaching duties on campus.

Research Interests

Dr. DeSouza-Machado's current interests in Atmospheric Physics include updating spectroscopy and radiative transfer calculations used by kCARTA, flux calculations in the longwave, and dust/volcanic ash detection and atmospheric. loading/height retrievals. He also does retrievals for broader target species, notably trace gas and geophysical retrievals both under clear and cloudy conditions. In addition he uses 16+ years of hyperspectral AIRS data for climate studies Dr. DeSouza-Machado also pursues some interest in Plasma Physics, notably MHD simulations and kinetic theory

Teaching Interests


Intellectual Contributions

Non-Gaussian Analysis of Observations from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Compared with ERA and MERRA Reanalyses vol. 56 1463-1481 American Meteorological Society Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology