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Leonid Iourganov

Sr Scientist

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Technology Research Center
Ph D, Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics (1979)
MS, Leningrad State University (1969)
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Dr. Yurganov is a physicist, specializing in atmospheric physics, optics, spectroscopy, and remote sensing of atmospheric gaseous composition from satellites. He has been being involved in different geophysical projects in USSR/Russia for 26 years. Between 1995 and 2011 he was working in Canada, Japan, and USA, and took part in validation and analysis of carbon monoxide satellite measurements. During last three years he devoted most of his time to investigation of atmospheric sulfur dioxide and methane concentrations measured by US and European satellite sounders.

Research Interests

Both of two projects, Dr. Yurganov is involved in now, are connected with Global Change and funded by NASA. A goal of the first project is to study interconnections between the currently progressing Arctic warming that is twice as fast compared to the global warming and methane concentrations in the Arctic. Methane is known as an important greenhouse gas. Huge amounts of methane are buried in the Arctic permafrost and under the Arctic Ocean sea floor. Sooner or later these amounts would be released into the atmosphere and amplify the ongoing warming (positive feed back). Satellite data, analyzed by Dr. Yurganov, make possible monitoring of methane concentration in this climatically sensitive area. The second project is connected with climatic impact of volcanic aerosols. Volcanic sulfur dioxide is a precursor of sulfur aerosols and can be easily measured in the Thermal IR spectral region by several sounders (AIRS, IASI, TES, GOSAT, CrIS). These instruments deliver valuable global data on sulfur dioxide, year round, day and night. Retrieval algorithms being developed by Dr. Yurganov are supposed to be realized in the NASA processing schemes.

Teaching Interests


Contracts, Fellowships, Grants, and Sponsored Research

Iourganov, Leonid N. (Co-Principal) Long-term Satellite Data Fusion Observations of Arctic Ice Cover and Methane as a Climate Change Feedback SubContract (Funded) Sponsored by Bubbleology Research International/NASA (Nov 1, 2014 – Oct 30, 2017)

Iourganov, Leonid N. (Co-Principal) Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEASURES) Grant (Funded) Sponsored by NASA/Task 357 Funds (Oct 1, 2012 – Sep 30, 2017)

Intellectual Contributions

5 vol. 14 248-258 Moscow Current problems in remote sensing of the Earth from space

8 Moscow Nauka i Zhizn

3 vol. 13 231-234 Moscow CPRSES

2 vol. 13 107-119 Moscow CPRSES


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