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Profile Photo for Tianle Yuan

Tianle Yuan

Assistant Research Scientist

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Ph D, University of Maryland, College Park (2008)
BS, Peking University (2001)

Dr. Yuan is an experienced scientist, geophysicist by training. He has conducted several ground breaking analysis on interactions between aerosols and clouds. His interests and experience include remote Sensing , artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud physics, aerosol and cloud feedbacks, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions.

Research Interests

Dr. Yuan's research interest includes the role of aerosols and clouds in the climate system and their feedback to climate change. He uses the vast amount of satellite data together with other sources of observations to tackle a range of issues. He also employs models with a hierarchy of complexity to model observational results. Dr. Yuan also has interest in developing novel theories to understand cloud statistics.

Teaching Interests

Cloud physics, radiation, climate, machine learning

Intellectual Contributions

On the global character of overlap between low and high clouds no Boston JGR


(Author & Presenter) AGU annual meeting Oral Presentation Interactions among aerosols, tropospheric ozone, lightning and wildfire: observational evidence and modeling results AGU San Francisco, CA

(Author & Presenter) Gordon Research Conference Poster On the global character of overlap between low and high clouds GRC New London, NH

(Author & Presenter) AMS annual meeting Oral Presentation Aerosol indirect effect on tropospheric ozone via lightning AMS Austin