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JCET Seminar Series Spring 2020

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Earth Science

The JCET Department at UMBC, led by Dr. Zhibo Zhang, is excited to introduce it's Spring 2020 JCET seminar series on the Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Earth Sciences.  Theseminar series looks to provide 1) an introductory overview of the basic AI and “big-data” techniques; 2) hand-on experiences with AI-based algorithms for satellite remote sensing; 3) an outlook of cutting-edge research of the applications of AI in Earth Sciences. There is a great teaching team in place, including three professors from the Department of Information Systems of UMBC, two JCET faculty, and several external scientists/researchers. This seminar series, scheduled on Tuesdays 11:15 AM ~12:15 PM, will be made available online to JCET faculty working at GSFC through WebEx. 

For UMBC graduate students: this seminar series will be a one-credit PHYS650-04 Special Topic Course under my name.

For JCET faculty/staff: WebEx information will be sent out before each seminar (we are testing the recording system and might be able to publish the recorded lecture as well).

For more information, please visit the webpage for this course:


Posted: January 15, 2020, 3:04 PM