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Xiaoguang Xu

Asst Res Sci

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology
Physics, Room 328
Ph D, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2015)
MS, Lanzhou University (2008)
BS, Lanzhou University (2005)

Xiaoguang Xu’s research area has focused on development of retrieval algorithms, data assimilation, and OSSEs for aerosol remote sensing data, with emphasis on the integration of satellite remote sensing and global models to characterize aerosol emitting sources, distributions, as well as their climate & environmental impacts. He has developed aerosol retrieval algorithms for both satellite and ground-based remote sensing platforms. He implemented the capability to use GEOS-Chem adjoint for inverse modeling of dust emissions from satellite radiances. Xu is the primary developer of a numerical testbed for remote sensing of aerosol known as UNL-VRTM ( He currently leads the development of HARP2 level 1 data processing algorithm for NASA PACE satellite at UMBC.

Research Interests

Chemistry transport modeling; radiative transfer; satellite remote sensing of aerosols

Teaching Interests

Climate modeling; Physical meteorology; atmospheric physics and chemistry; Remote Sensing